Virtual Fax

CFAVoice’s Virtual Fax solution

CFAVoice’s Virtual Fax solution allows customers to replace analog fax machines with confidence.  With our cloud fax technology you can fax online anywhere using almost any device connected to the internet.  Faxes are right at hand and you get the privacy a shared fax machine can’t give you.  Virtual Faxing saves on toner, paper, and equipment repair and maintenance costs.

Our Virtual Fax tools enable your employees to work efficiently and improve productivity to optimize your company’s success.  We offer multiple options for sending and receiving faxes that makes it easy to use.

Instant Fax ATA – Faxes are transmitted to an analog fax machine utilizing an ATA.

Instant Fax Portal – Faxes are transmitted thru the Internet from the PBX portal.




Sending Faxes:

Fax from PBX Portal

Fax from Analog Fax Machine

Email to Fax

Fax from Mobile App

Receive Status Confirmation by Email After Fax is Sent

Receiving Faxes:

View and Download Fax from PBX Portal

Fax to Email

Fax to Analog Fax Machine

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