A short History of the Technology:

Unifying Business

A PBX (Private Branch eXchange) is a method of unifying your business’s communications through a telephone system.  The official name for this is UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). To understand UCaas, begin with traditional phone service. A traditional phone system operates over landlines, using digital signals. Unfortunately, as your company grows, you will need to buy additional lines and pay costly hardware and networking fees to update your communication system. The phone lines are wired to a specific location and changes require extensive rewiring. Moving to a new building would require purchasing an entirely new system or rebuilding and rewiring the whole Infrastructure.

Internet telephony service was introduced in the 1990s. It was notorious for certain problems: voice response delays when conducting a conversation, garbled sound quality, echoing, etc. This caused businesses to avoid adopting internet telephony.

With the invention of the PBX System, these problems are virtually eliminated. The PBX system combines two technologies: internet telephony service and a PBX system. As a result, CFAVoice Hosted PBX voice quality is indistinguishable from traditional phone lines.

The system is software based; customers are not actually buying any hardware and therefore don’t have any of the limitations that accompany networks and complicated configurations, and are purchasing a system at a fraction of the price of a traditional PBX system. PBX allows you to take full advantage of UCaaS and unify your entire enterprise with one communication system—office phones, email, voice mail, cell phones– even when staff is in multiple locations. Whether home based, office based, or on the road, CFAVoice ‘s Hosted PBX’s many features allows you to maintain your connection from anywhere, all the time. The CFAVoice Hosted PBX system’s only requirements are a high-speed Internet connection and the use of an IP phone. With the ability to customize the system to suit each organization’s needs, The CFAVoice Hosted PBX system is truly today’s best system of communication.