Hosted Cloud PBX Services

CFAVoice’s Hosted Cloud PBX is an internet-based phone system that delivers a comprehensive set of business-class services and features in a platform that is reliable, cost effective, user friendly, easily scalable and much more. There is no equipment to install, maintain, upgrade or occupy space. Administrators and users can easily manage and control all phone features and functionalities from any web browser.


Sophisticated Call Management, enabling you to configure your phone system across entire company, regardless of location or device. Optimize communication with custom admin and user configurations online or using mobile app.Call Management features include: Answering Rules, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Screening, Call Flip, Call Logs, Presence, Notifications, Shared Lines, Call Park, Intercom, Paging.

As technology and markets continue to evolve, new features and functionalities can be added without equipment upgrades so you can focus on growing your business without the pain and expense that typically accompanies expanding your phone system. Whether you’re a small home-based office, a growing small/medium business or a large enterprise, we have the right solution to fit your company’s needs now and in the future.



  • Value – Compare CFA’s prices with a free customized quote and realize substantial savings.
  • Quality – Voice quality is indistinguishable from traditional phone lines. 
  • UCaaS – Unified Communications as a Service. Integrate your phones with email, cell phones and CRM applications.
  • Reliability – Professional installation, seamless transition, personalized tech support and service level guarantees for all mission-critical functions.
  • Redundancy – Our platform infrastructure is geographically redundant so our network provides continued service even if the local Internet service is interrupted.
  • Scalability – Easily and affordably add users, extensions, and handsets, with a click of your mouse or a phone call, as your business grows.  
  • Robust Features – All standard phone features plus advanced customizable features, many at no additional cost.

CFAVoice Brings the Power of Hosted Cloud PBX to Your Mobile Device and Desktop

The CFAVoice Hosted Cloud PBX system provides all the standard phone features you depend on plus may advanced phone and voice mail features.
The system also provides many additional features such as call log reports, call recording and call management reports that improve the administration and productivity of each company.

Standard Phone Features

Caller ID

Call Forwarding

Call Transfer

Call waiting

3-Way Caller Conference

Do Not Disturb


Advanced Calling Features

Set Caller ID: Choose any number in your system to be the outbound Caller ID.

Dial-by-Name Directory: Make your employees and departments easy to get to.

Call Switch: Seamlessly transfer your calls to a cell phone to take a conversation on-the-go.

Follow Me: Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence.

Call Parking: Park your calls so others can pick them up.

Set Caller ID: Chose any number in your system to be the outbound Caller ID.

Block Caller ID: Block your Caller ID on outbound calls.

Dial-by- Name Directory: Make your employees and departments easy to get to.

Visual Waiting Indicator: Works with your IP phone’s message indicator light.

Call Switch: Seamlessly transfer your calls to a cell phone to take a conversation on-the- go.

Enhanced 911 Feature: Transmits your location to emergency services when you call 911.

Softphone Support: Compatible with many popular softphones.

Voicemail Features

Voicemail to Email: Your messages are emailed to you.

Voicemail Alert: Get a text alert when someone leaves you a message.

Remote Access: Lets you check your voicemail through a web interface.

Multiple Mail Folders: Provides the ability to organize and save old voice mails.

Unified Inbox: Access and manage all messages (voice, fax and email) from your existing email inbox.

Day and Night Mode Schedule: Create different greetings according to the time of day and day of week.

Holiday: Set a unique holiday message for callers.

Easy Interface

CFAVoice allows users to interact with the Hosted Cloud PBX through an intuitive and familiar interface. The keypad screen offers easy access to make a call, check voicemail, view phone contacts, send and receive SMS messages, view call history and view advance Hosted Cloud PBX features.

Full Mobile Compatibility

Using the CFAVoice Smart Phone App to receive calls is just like using your mobile phone. Incoming calls will appear on your device lock screen just like a cellular call.



In Call Options

While on a call, users have numerous call handling options including Record, Hold, Blind, Transfer, Attended Transfer and Join Conference.




CFAVoice has flexible and powerful messaging features. It can send and receive SMS messages from a business phone line so that users need not divulge personal cell phone numbers. It also allows intra-company messaging with a Hosted Cloud PBX contact.

True Unified Communication

Unified Communications – The seamless integration of voice, fax and other communications channels  in one easy-to-use platform is the key to increased productivity in any business. CFAVoice’s Hosted Cloud PBX allows for true unified communications without the complexity of in-house deployment and management.

Video Calling

The Video Calling option allows users to make a video call to any Hosted Cloud PBX contact that also has video capabilities.

Real Time Presence

The CFAVoice presence panel shows you the status of the Hosted Cloud PBX users – available, busy or off-line in real time