CFA Voice’s ReachUC

CFA Voice’s ReachUC product brings the power of your PBX to your mobile devices and desktop.  ReachUC is a True Unified Communications that works on all your devices: Apple iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

Easy to Use Interface

ReachUC allows users to interact with the PBX through an intuitive and familiar interface.

Full Mobile Compatibility

Using ReachUC to receive calls is just like using your mobile phone.


ReachUC has flexible and powerful messaging features. It can send and receive SMS messages from a business phone line so that users need not divulge personal cell phone numbers.

In Call Options

While on call, users have numerous call handling options including Record, Hold, Blind, Transfer, Attended Transfer and Join Conference.

Video Calling

The Video Calling option allows users to make a video call to any PBX contact that also has video capabilities

Real Time Presence

The ReachUC presence panel shows you the status of other PBX users Available, Busy or Offline – in real time.

Zero Touch Configurations

To use ReachUC simply log-in with the credentials from your PBX portal.

ReachUC Plus

Basic ReachUC is FREE to all CFAVoice customers. We also offer a ReachUC Plus version for a low additional monthly fee which allows additional functions, such as:

Chrome Extension

This browser extension for Google Chrome will identify phone numbers in any web page, and convert them into clickable links that initiate a call with your PBX account.

Outlook Add-in

This Add-In for MS Outlook will identify phone numbers in emails and contacts, and convert them into clickable links that initiate a call with your PBX account.

WordPress Plug-in

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a “Call” button that initiates a call with your PBX account.

Get ReachUC with your CFAVoice cloud-based phone system and get Unified Communications done right!